Program on Church, State & Society

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The Notre Dame Law School's Program on Church, State & Society focuses on the role of religion in society and how law structures these relationships. In conjunction with the University's other colleges and centers, the program hosts conferences, workshops and other programs and is committed to increasing legal scolarship in order to promote dialogue on the interaction of these two dynamic, and often, colliding, aspects of society.

The Church, State & Society Program enhances the distinctive Catholic mission of the Law School and the University. At Notre Dame, we believe a variety of beliefs and opinions are indispensable to provoking debate, ensuring a diversity of perspectives, promoting scholarship, and building community; we believe in the pursuit and sharing of truth for its own sake; we believe in sustaining a dialogue between faith and reason across disciplines and in the multitude of discussions, debates, and inquiries that take place at the University; we believe in academic freedom that makes open discussion and inquiry possible; and we believe in collaborative, interdisciplinary research into a variety of different fields.

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