The Mighty and the Almighty Book Roundtable


Location: Room 3331 Biolchini Hall of Law

The Program on Church, State, and Society will host a roundtable discussion with several legal thinkers on Nicholas Wolterstorff's book The Mighty and the Almighty.

Roundtable Participants include:

Nicholas Wolterstorff (Yale University)

Richard Garnett (Notre Dame Law School)

John Inazu (Washington University School of Law)

Michael Moreland (Villanova University School of Law)

Anna Bonta Moreland (Villanova University)

Mark Noll (University of Notre Dame)

Marc DeGirolami (St. John’s University School of Law)

Kristine Kalanges (Notre Dame Law School)

Brad Gregory (University of Notre Dame)

Paul Weithman (University of Notre Dame)

Terence Cuneo (The University of Vermont)

Jonathan Chaplin (Tyndale House)

Chris Eberle (United States Naval Academy)

Dana Dillon (Providence College)

Robert Audi (University of Notre Dame)

Kevin Vallier (Bowling Green State University)

Gladden Pappin (Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study)