• Church, State, & Society

    Church, State, & Society

    The Exploration of Church and State at Notre Dame Law School

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  • Exploration and Discussion

    Exploration and Discussion

    Faculty and Students Engage in Diverse Law and State Discussions and Research

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  • Student Perspective

    Student Perspective

    Our students are challenged as they explore religious issues within the law

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Richard Garnett, Professor of Law, Notre Dame Law School, Director of Church, State & Society ProgramRichard Garnett,
Director of Church, State & Society Program

Welcome to the Program on Church, State & Society

This Program focuses on the intersection of Church, State & Society and how the law structures and governs that intersection.  Through a variety of programs we encourage scholarship and meaningful conversation on the role of religious institutions, communities and authorities in the social order and at the same time highlights the important role they play in the content and protection of religious freedom. 

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Recent News

In Memoriam: Charles E. Rice

Author: Dean Nell Jessup Newton


God. Country. Notre Dame.

Perhaps no man in recent memory has better embodied the motto inscribed over the door to the Sacred Heart Basilica than Professor Charles E. Rice. A devout Catholic, a Marine, a professor, and a coach, Professor Rice did it all, and always with an abounding sense of humor and purpose. It is therefore with a heavy heart that the Law School announces his passing on February 25, 2015.

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Faculty in the News

Professor Richard Garnett weighs in on the Supreme Court case of EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch Stores Inc. in the Religious News article, Supreme Court Wrestles with Accomodating Religious Faith on the Job, on February 25.

Professor Richard Garnett was quoted in the Indianapolis Star article, Indiana Religious Freedom Bills Fraught with Rhetoric, on February 7.

Professor Lloyd Mayer was quoted in the Huffington Post article, New IRS Rules on Dark Money Likely Won't be Ready Before 2016 Elections, on January 5.

Read Professor Garnett's latest blog entry on The Mirror of Justice.

Professors Richard Garnett and Steve Smith were quoted in the Indiana Lawyer article, SCOTUS Hears Case of Fisherman Caught in Sarbanes-Oxley Net, on November 19.

Professor Richard Garnett was quoted in the Associated Press article, Justices' New Term has Expectations on Gay Unions, regarding an Arkansas case of prisoners's religious rights on October 5.

Professor Gerry Bradley was quoted in the National Catholic Reporter article, Shock SCOTUS Decision Advances Same-Sex Marriage, on October 7.

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