The Program on Church, State & Society brings together faculty from several interrelated departments across the university, including Theology, Philosophy, History, and Political Science, to promote research and facilitate diverse and thought provoking discussions on timely law and religious topics and issues.  Notre Dame faculty are frequently interviewed by the national media and invited to share analysis and commentary about the role of religion in politics and our society.

  • Rick Garnett

    Faculty Director, Program on Church, State & Society

  • Robert Audi

    John A. O'Brien Professor of Philosophy

  • Gerard Bradley

    Professor of Law

  • David Campbell

    Packey J. Dee Professor of American Democracy
    Department Chair, Political Science
    Professor of Political Science

  • Paolo Carozza

    Professor of Law
    Concurrent Professor of Political Science
    Director, Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies

  • Patrick J. Deneen

    Professor of Political Science
    David A. Potenziani Memorial College Chair

  • Donald Drakeman

    Fellow in Health Management at the University of Cambridge
    Adjunct Associate Professor

  • John Finnis

    Biolchini Family Professor of Law

  • Brad Gregory

    Dorothy G. Griffin Professor of Early Modern European History

  • Mary Keys

    Fellow, Medieval Institute
    Fellow, Nanovic Institute for European Studies

  • Lloyd Mayer

    Professor of Law

  • Vincent Phillip Munoz

    Tocqueville Associate Professor of Political Science
    Concurrent Associate Professor of Law
    Director of the Tocqueville Program for Inquiry into Religion and Public Life and the Potenziani Program in Constitutional Studies

  • Daniel Philpott

    Professor of Political Science and Peace Studies

  • Emilia Justyna Powell

    Associate Professor of Political Science

  • William Purcell

    Director of Catholic Social Tradition
    Co-Director of Catholic Social Tradition Minor

  • Sarah Shortall

    Assistant Professor of History

  • David Sikkink

    Associate Professor of Sociology
    Faculty Fellow in the Center for the Study of Religion and Society and the Institute for Educational Initiatives

  • Christian Smith

    Director of the Center for Social Research
    William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Sociology
    Director of the Center for the Study of Religion and Society

  • Paul Weithman

    Glynn Family Honors Collegiate Professor of Philosophy