Logos 2015 Workshop: "Religious Experience"

Location: Notre Dame Conference Center, McKenna Hall

Logos 2015 Workshop: "Religious Experience

Religious experience is central to religious faith and practice. It often serves as evidence of belief; it contributes to the development of doctrine; and it, or the desire for it, is often a major motivator for church attendance, mediation, commitment to spiritual disciplines, and other religious practices. Religious experience has received a great deal of attention within both philosophy and theology; but important questions remain unanswered. What is the nature of religious experience? What, exactly is (or should be) its relationship to religious belief and religious practice? If God exists and loves human beings, why aren't vivid unambiguous religious experiences more widely available? What can religious experiences tell us about the nature of God? Might religious experiences be the result, in part, or particular skills or virtues of the people who have them?  

The Logos 2015 Workshop will be devoted to addressing these and other philosophical and theological aspects of religious experience.  

Visit the Logos 2015 Workshop web page for details: http://philreligion.nd.edu/calendar/annual-logos-workshop/