Center for Civil and Human Rights Launches New Blog, Arc of the Universe

Author: Denise Wager

The Center for Civil and Human Rights at the Univeristy of Notre Dame has launched a new blog, Arc of the Universe, devoted to the discussion of human justice. 

Beliefs about justice typically lurk just beneath headlines from around the world, whether they deal with separatist movements in Ukraine, Kurdistan, or Sri Lanka; Islamic rebellions in Syrian and Iraq; U.S. policy in Iraq and Afghanistan; war between Israel and Palestine; global development policy; women’s rights; economic justice; the drug wars in Latin America; the one-child policy in China; and religious freedom.  Usually, these beliefs go unexamined.  The same is often true even in the academy.  In American political science, for instance, justice is sharply separated from the scientific study of politics.  Arc of the Universe is devoted to resurfacing justice – examining the day’s headlines from the deep commitments of ethical traditions.  Arc of the Universe is also distinctive in bringing religion into the picture.  Some posts will appeal to religion while others will be rendered in secular terms.  Arc of the Universe is a place where secular and religious meet in conversation about global justice.

The lineup of bloggers consists of scholars and activists from around the world who think about and experience global justice issues in their diverse valences

So come follow Arc of the Universe!